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Service Availability

Man2man Psychotherapy appointments can be on weekdays or weekends, daytime or evening, depending on Tim’s availability.

To book your appointment

Simply email Tim via [email protected], providing a name and a contact number.  Please also give an indication of days of the week/times when you would prefer an appointment.  

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For any enquiries about Man2man Psychotherapy simply email: [email protected]

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1. Clients are asked to pay in CASH for their therapy appointment at the start of the session.

2. Tim reserves the right to end treatment or receive a cancellation fee in regard to clients who frequently cancel appointments.

3. If you do not attend your appointment without informing Tim, your treatment will be ended.

5. Clients understand that man2manpsychotherapy is a private practice operating outside of the NHS and does NOT provide a crisis or emergency or out of hours service.

Please Note: For men whose treatment is funded or commissioned through an Employment Assistance Programme (EAP), insurance scheme or any other agency, the rate for therapy sessions will be directly agreed between the EAP/agency and Tim Ireland-Griffiths.


There is a sliding scales of fees which ranges from £40 - £70 for a 1 hour appointment.

For those whose income is between £0 (NIL) - £39,999 per annum, the fee would be £40 for a single hour appointment.

4. Tim will not provide therapy to clients who attend under the influence of drink or drugs or who are verbally or physically aggressive.

Mental Health Crisis

Man2manpsychotherapy is a private practice operating outside of the NHS and does NOT provide a crisis or emergency out of hours service.

Clients in a mental health crisis who are at risk of harming themselves or others will need to access the usual NHS services; e.g. their GP or Accident and Emergency which has a link with Psychiatry.

Those clients whose income is in excess of £40,000 per annum would be expected to pay a higher rate on a sliding scale. Further details of the sliding scale are below.

Other Useful Contact Information (24/7 Services also available public holidays)

Sheffield Adult Mental Health Single Point of Access

0114 226 3636


116 123

0808 801 0440

NHS 111


Rethink Crisis Helpline

Annual Income

Appointment fee

£0 (NIL) to £39,999


£40,000 to £49,999


£50,000 to £59,999


£70,000 and above


£60,000 to £69,999